Write 5 page essay on the topic Software Development Life Cycle.Download file to see previous pages… The processes are going to be employed in a database system required for the London Olympics expe

Write 5 page essay on the topic Software Development Life Cycle.

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The processes are going to be employed in a database system required for the London Olympics expected to take place in the near future. The most essential part in Software De3velopment Cycle is defining of the required data. obtaining and clearly indicating the objectives to be carried out (Dhunna &amp. Dixt 2010: 129). To be able to define the objectives and activities taking place during the event, it is required of the analyst to find the data from the organizers. The organizers of the London Olympics are grouped to form the London Olympics Games Organizing Committee (LOGOC). There are many methods that are used in fact finding or gathering. The main methods include questionnaires, interviews, observations, and record inspection. The different methods are employed in certain situations for optimum data gathering (Dhunna &amp. Dixt 2010: 129). The data is defined to be collected from the London Olympic Games organizing Committee. The most effective method in collecting data from the group is through interview. This is because the LOGOC comprises a small group of people. the management team comprises of persons less than thirty. There are two structures in interviews. open and closed structure. The two structures differ in the questions asked during the interview. There are also two type of interview. face to face and group interview (Dennis, Wixom &amp. Roth 2008: 43). The most essential type of interview is the face to face or one on one or personal interview. It gives an opportunity to varied opinion on the same issue hence deeper understanding of the requirements. The interview would employ the closed structure at its initial stages then after the structured questions are responded to, I would employ the open ended structure to ensure that I attain extra information on some data. The information to be attained in the interview include the type of data. the information of athletes that is stored, the types of sports, the arrangements on how the events are to occur, the organizations past information and challenges that the system needs to address (Dhunna &amp. Dixt 2010: 132). The steps to conducting the interview are carried out strategically as they appear. planning, creating the questions, determining the order of conducting the interview and the information consolidating process (Fettke &amp. Loos 2006: 119). The advantages associated with the interview process include easy framing of questions with objective to attain different set of answers, use of the observable non-verbal communication from the interviewee, immediate response, and there is a high response rate (Marshall &amp. Bruno 2009: 221). The interview method therefore offers detailed facts from the outlined advantages. Despite having advantages that are beneficial, the method of use has disadvantages which include time consuming due to the personal conversation with the interviewee, location of respondents may cause inefficiency, it is costly, it brings an interrogative phenomenon to the interviewee who may decide to control the information she/he gives. The method is also dependent on the interviewer’s perception (Zendler 1997: 21). There are various ways though through which these disadvantages may be overcome. The proximity effect may be controlled by use of video conferencing.

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