Write 5 page essay on the topic The legalization of Marijuana.Download file to see previous pages… In addition, the possibility of using the crop as a major cash crop to spur development among farme

Write 5 page essay on the topic The legalization of Marijuana.

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In addition, the possibility of using the crop as a major cash crop to spur development among farmers poses an important economic opportunity worth exploration. Hayes (2013) is one of those who opposed to any move to legalize marijuana. In his article, “why Marijuana Shouldn’t Be Legalized,” he presents his reasons why he feels that marijuana should remain illegal in the country. Hayes begins by highlighting that he is one among the many people who have been impacted either directly or indirectly by marijuana smoking. He claims that he has many friends and family members who are addicts to weed smoking. In addition, he argues that he grew up in Oregon, a state notoriously known for weed smoking and brags about possessing the best weed in the country. Since weed, smoking is very prevalent in this state, the debate as to whether the state needs to legalize marijuana or not, often forms the center of debate every time elections come up. However, Hayes (2013) is worried that any move to legalize the use of marijuana in the country may have serious consequences. He begins by comparing the marijuana debate to the abortion issue in the in the 1970s, that ended in the Roe vs. Wade case, which culminated in the legalization of abortion. In this regard, Hayes point out that the debate regarding the legalization of marijuana might soon result in a ruling that might have serious consequences to the generation that is yet to come. Even though Hayes agrees with some of the benefits associated with smoking of marijuana in the country, he is very much worried of the side effects links to marijuana smoking. Hayes first major reason for opposing the legalization of marijuana in the country is linked to the fact that smoking or ingesting the weed can cause serious health issue, including lung cancer, high blood pressure, heart complications, maniac disorders, and mental impairment. In proving his claim, Hayes (2013) cited a research conducted by Roger Roffman of the University of Washington who found that a majority of marijuana smokers suffer from the side effects of the smoking or ingestion of the weed. The professor found out that most marijuana smokers find themselves mentally impaired, which results in inability to think rationally. Another study conducted by Ruben Baler confirmed the earlier research conducted by Roffman by showing that the THC chemical substance found in marijuana is capable of corrupting the chemical activities of the brain, thereby resulting in mental impairment and the inability to reason rationally. Therefore, Hayes is very much worried that the legalization of marijuana in the country might increase preventable diseases among the youths in the country. In fact, he says that he does not want to imagine seeing a 23-year-old sitting comfortably smoking marijuana. Hayes (2013) would like to see these youths grow up in an environment free of marijuana smoking. This is only achievable by maintaining the illegal status of marijuana in the country. Hayes also points out that marijuana smoking has been linked to bad behaviors. In this regard, he noted that marijuana smokers are likely to commit crime due to their status of the mind. This implies that legalizing the weed might increase the number of smokers, which effectively increases the number of crime committed in the country.

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