Write 6 page essay on the topic Annotated bibliography.Download file to see previous pages… Abdulla states that this is evident in the number of bankruptcy reports from online companies. Accordingly

Write 6 page essay on the topic Annotated bibliography.

Download file to see previous pages…

Abdulla states that this is evident in the number of bankruptcy reports from online companies. Accordingly, Abdulla concludes that developing the online skills of employees in business if they should attempt to thrive amidst the stiff competition in the online market. Barkley, D. L., Markley, D. M., &amp. Lamie, R. D. (2007). E-Commerce as a business strategy: Lessons learned from case studies of rural and small town businesses. (UCED Working paper). Clemson University, South Carolina. This article focuses on the usage of internet of small businesses in rural areas. The research respondents include 25 rural businesses and 3 small business service providers with an average number of less than 200 workers. The firms are evaluated relative to the extent of their E-commerce usage. Further, the research covers the benefits, drawbacks, and overall implication of E-commerce in small businesses, such as the profitability of using the internet in establishing B2B and B2C relations. The research also outlines the potential points to improve E-commerce business process. this includes the capacity for growth, change, and innovation. Consequently, the research also suggests that, in using E-commerce, it is better to maintain the company’s niche, partner with appropriate business providers, and design and maintain profitable websites. Bryant, J. B. (n.d.). What are the benefits of the internet to business? Chron. Retrieved from http://smallbusiness.chron.com/benefits-internet-business-316.html Bradley’s article discusses the benefits of using the Internet to improve business operations. The discussion relies on the theoretical concept of internet use as a business strategy although it does not relate the strategy to a specific company. Specifically, the article suggests that effective Internet usage opens businesses toward faster communication, global competitiveness, and profitability due to decreased expenses. For instance, using the Internet as an information superhighway allows businesses to leverage information toward profitability, while integrating internet features in business operations strengthens global audience of businesses. The most significant of these benefits is the cost saving opportunity because of the lower expense compared to face-to-face transactions. Specifically, using the internet saves time, money, and effort while in the long run, the reduction of expenses through internet usage increases the savings and profit rate. Cain, G., &amp. Jones, J. (2008). Employment law: The dangers of social networking sites. NZ Marketing Magazine 27(10), 59.

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