Write 6 page essay on the topic Development and Influence of gangs.Download file to see previous pages… Today, gangs are more revolutionized and more organized than the ones of the 19th century. Dru

Write 6 page essay on the topic Development and Influence of gangs.

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Today, gangs are more revolutionized and more organized than the ones of the 19th century. Drug trafficking is the main activity of the current gangs. It is astounding to have witnessed people being caught at several transport terminals such as the airport or bus stages in their bid to transport drugs. What is more disturbing is the manner in which the gang issue is spreading and forming a network of members. The main group that is aimed here is majorly the youths. A lot of youths continue to flock into organized gangs. Peer pressure is the main reason behind all this. Youths of the same age group, are influenced by each other and end up joining these forms of gangs. Historical issues and legal issues Immigration issue has been tied with formation of gangs where the gang members pretend to be refugees, yet they have an agenda of organizing robbery activities. This, therefore, called for a legal law to be passed that looked into it that real refugees were allowed inside the country only. In the past, refugee camp management had not been keen on checking the legality of individual status whether they really deserve to be at the camp. This ignorance and negligence gave some loop holes for the criminals to hide themselves at the refugee camps while executing their plans. According to Howell (2010, p. 7), “Students who feel vulnerable at school may seek protection in the gang”. Here, the student feels that all of his friends have left him and will definitely join the gang so that he may feel safe from the protection of his friends. “Now we’ll start this band of robbers and call it Tom Sawyer’s Gang. Everybody that wants to join has got to take an oath, and write his name in blood” (Twain cited in Christensen &amp. Levinson, 2011, p. 518). In this quote, M. Twain points out that before joining a gang, one had to take an oath which symbolized a sign of unity and common understanding. Oaths are often taken to built trust and ensure that there is no betrayal among the members. This is a sign of commitment and readiness to work for the group under all circumstance without retreating. Psychology concepts addressed Psychology is all about the general behavior of a human being. It involves the study of how one carries out the normal daily duties and how that particular person reacts to problems or matters affecting him or her directly. It also goes a step further to study how a person can relate with other people. Psychology, however, has several concepts that seek to explain how a human being carries out the daily life activities. Some of these concepts include the following. Conformity Conformity is a social influence that involves the ability of someone trying to copy or emulate someone else’s behavior or characteristics. One can be influenced by the behavior, actions or opinions of other people (Christensen &amp. Levinson, 2011). They are majorly people with the same age bracket or the role models. In this case, most of the youths are carried by conformity and assumes other people behavior to be gangs just like them. A lot of factors push one into joining a gang group and one major factor is looking for money. Emotional change and developmental psychology. This concept of psychology mainly touches with the social life of people. At the youthful age, most people undergo emotional change within themselves. This is because they are developing the whole body system.

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