Write 6 page essay on the topic Sociology of Law.Download file to see previous pages… Most of the punishments that have been created by the legal systems of the world today are aimed at establishing

Write 6 page essay on the topic Sociology of Law.

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Most of the punishments that have been created by the legal systems of the world today are aimed at establishing some kind of control over the society, so that order is maintained. The fact that a majority of individuals in the world today seem to be working towards the obedience of all the laws that have been put in place in order to void punishment is a clear sign that the punishments for the various crimes have achieved their purpose of achieving societal control. Most of the crimes that exist in the world today are prosecuted in courts and it is the duty of these courts to ensure that the individuals who have been convicted of crimes are punished. The trial of individuals as well as the meting out of punishments in criminal courts is not a new phenomenon and in some societies in the world, especially in the west, it has been in occurrence for centuries (Baer, 2012). In fact, there are countries that allow the prosecution of individuals of all ages, including those who can be considered as minors, and these often end up being given the same sort of punishment. Most countries in the world today have had at least one stipulation for putting some youth of juvenile age on trial as adults in criminal courts and these stipulations are determined by the age, and the type of offense that the juvenile has been accused of committing. Transfer mechanisms may vary according to where the responsibility for the transfer decision-making lies and these are used in ensuring that even juveniles do not escape the reach of the law whose aim is to ensure the regulation of the activities of the society. While it is a fact that structures have been put in place in many countries to try and discipline individuals in ways that are distinctive depending on the crime committed, crimes such as rape and homicide are controversial because it is not easy to determine whether individuals merit a less punitive treatment from others (Banakar and Travers, 2002). It is understandable that some people would seek to have the most of the individuals who break the law receive a harsher punishment for their crimes, especially considering the high number of crimes being committed in the society. The justice system has come to change so much to&nbsp.the extent that they are almost indistinguishable from the justice system that existed only a century ago. The question that one has to consider is whether all these reforms have been of any benefit to the society or not. While it is a remarkably easy thing to try and punish those individuals who have committed crimes in the society, it is an exceedingly rare thing for those responsible to think of the consequences of their actions (Russell &amp. Gilbert, 1999). It can be suggested that crimes today are rarely controlled through the means of punishment that have traditionally been given and this is due to the fact that some individuals see such punishment as jail sentences as being normal, hence a failure of punishment as a regulator of the actions of the population. In fact, when individuals are sent to prison as punishment for their actions, they are instead placed in a situation which turns them into hardened criminals.

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