Write 6 page essay on the topic Solve studies.Download file to see previous pages… The qualities Google possesses. creativity, passion, taking risks, self-motivation, and self-management successfull

Write 6 page essay on the topic Solve studies.

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The qualities Google possesses. creativity, passion, taking risks, self-motivation, and self-management successfully attract the best talent around. This culture of controlled chaos is maintainable, although it may suffer if Google’s management begins to prioritize profits in the long term over innovation by being too rigid. Without a hierarchy, Google maintains teamwork and coordination across its engineering, marketing, product management, operations, and sales divisions (Marion, 2013). However, with increasing employee numbers and the hiring of mid-level managers, it is possible that they could suffer from international inconsistency, lack of visibility, delayed decision-making and increased bureaucracy. Bureaucracy is one threat to the maintenance of the organized chaos culture. As Google continues to grow and expand, they may have to come up with new guidelines and policies for the management of their employees, which could hurt innovation (Marion, 2013). Bureaucracy may increase if the diverse employee base does not comply with the vision and mission at Google. For this reason, they may have to control these elements via new policies and procedures, which could impact on other groups’ agility. Internal tools and meetings could become impossible to carry out as the geographical locations become more diverse and unfeasible. Decision-making may also be affected as the employee base increases, especially given the unfeasibility of consensus and open discussion. They could also lose the ability to oppose decisions, take risks, and critique the decisions (Marion, 2013). Achieving cross-functional decisions may prove harder, while they may also stall the mechanism of innovation. The culture of organized chaos may also lead to decreased visibility as workers spending a fifth of their working hours on project ideas may lead to role duplication. Reinvention of the wheel, productive time loss, and replication of effort may lead to decreased visibility due to the difficulty of maintaining an employee base that is multi-cultural (Marion, 2013). A growing and expanding employee base makes it more difficult to establish visibility. Finally, Google could suffer from decreasing international consistency as it becomes harder to attract and retain talent at locations across the world. Exporting their culture to other locations and implanting it may clash with local perceptions, tastes, and cultures. In the international context, it will become more difficult for Google to balance cultural homogeneity and diversity (Marion, 2013). These aspects are the threats to the maintenance of Google’s culture of organized chaos. However, their current organized chaos culture suits their innovative nature with the generation of ideas. Google’s founders are still committed to the fostering of an innovative culture in the company. However, while their culture works well in the attraction of talent, they may find it harder to pursue with regards to demand and supply market dynamics (Marion, 2013). As long as Google is able to maintain collaboration, competence, control, and cultivation of values for customer enrichment, business diversification may not hurt their organized chaos culture and the innovation it breeds.

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