Write 7 page essay on the topic On Psychosocial Development.Download file to see previous pages… The eight stages that a developing human being undergoes also influence their personality development

Write 7 page essay on the topic On Psychosocial Development.

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The eight stages that a developing human being undergoes also influence their personality development at each stage. In all the psychosocial development stages, there are different challenges that a developing human being faces. The response that they take when faced with the challenges is dependent on their personality and the character is carried forward to the subsequent development stages. It is therefore important that human beings’ psychosocial development trend be monitored by qualified counselors who understand the effects that an unsuccessful stage of development can have on someone in their later life. Humans who face challenges in different stages of development should therefore seek for professional help. All the stages of psychosocial development are very challenging to successfully go through but in most humans, the three most challenging stages are between 4-5years, 13-19 years and 65- death stages. People in these stages are more susceptible to emotional breakdowns due to varying reasons and experiences in their lives and this may cause very serious personality degradation. This paper focuses on Marie’s family case and the psychosocial development issues that are evident among some of the family members. Marie’s case Marie’s family members are in different stages of psychosocial development stages. Marie is 68 years old and therefore she is in the last stage of psychosocial development. Her two daughters are between 40-50 years old and are in the second last stage of development which comprises of individuals in the bracket of 25-64 years old. These are the caregivers in the society. Marie’s grandchildren are in the age bracket of 4-5 years and in their third stage of psychosocial development (Stevens, 1983). The family members who are experiencing psychosocial crisis that is involved with their current stage of development are Marie, her daughter Lisa and one of Lisa’s 4 years old sons. Their individual social challenges are influenced by their immediate environmental factors and the social setup they are living in. Each one of them is facing a different challenge and while Marie is wise and can endure a lot, her daughter Lisa and her child need immediate therapy and counseling. Maries also needs to be given moral support to cope with her situation. Their problems are related to counseling in that they need psychological help to deal with the psychosocial crisis that they are facing (Stevens, 1983). The psychosocial crisis present in Lisa’s son is initiative versus guilt. In the 4-5 years stage, the child is learning to cope with the world and they get acquainted with the basic rules of life. The children start learning how to speak with ease and their social skills are growing. They star experiencing new emotions such as guilt as their conscience takes over their emotions. The children at this stage are likely to engage in risky decision making, mostly taking irrational initiatives that may lead them to get into trouble with their care givers (Stevens, 1983). The whole stage is a learning stage where the child learns through experience. Frustrations may cause bad behavior among children in this stage of development. They may take to aggression and assertive behavior to their parents just as Lisa’s child is portraying. The children may also become bothersome and lazy in their school work.

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