Write 7 page essay on the topic Organizational Issues and Recommendations.Download file to see previous pages… Organizational Issues and RecommendationsThe Taylorist production approach was establis

Write 7 page essay on the topic Organizational Issues and Recommendations.

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Organizational Issues and Recommendations

The Taylorist production approach was established by F.W.Taylor, who gave birth to Scientific Management. His school of thoughts is termed as Taylorism. Taylorism believed that any job can be learnt and taught. This theory treats the humans like machines and proposed that for the achieving higher production the management must eliminate inefficiency from its functioning. However, this theory completely neglects the usual complications that happen within a normal human being (Boyd, n.d). Taylorist production style supports the assembly line system where each worker performs the same task repetitively. Here the concept of division of labor was given significance and people started getting specialized in a certain domain while the rest of the production system remained unknown to them. A strict supervision policy was maintained within the organization which created distance between the management and the employees. The repetition of same task created frustration among the workers. The quality of work started to decline which affected the management adversely. In turn the employees were threatened and scolded which ultimately resulted in more and more employee turnover. The management thought of forming groups for reducing the work pressure on individual employee and delegating each group with a particular task, like a group was responsible for making the engine and other relevant parts while another group worked on the creation of seat and the third group focused on the making the wheels of the car. The fourth group would work towards assembling the parts of the car and presenting the final product. The Issues faced by the firm The manufacturing unit realized that even after implementing the form of group work in their day to day operations, the problems like employee turnover and poor performance didn’t reduce. As they hired me as an HR consultant, I studied the various facets of the organization and reached the conclusion that the groups are suffering from several issues like role conflicts within groups, communication problems among group members, lack of cohesiveness in groups with diverse members and excessive intergroup conflict. Thus before proceeding with the recommendations towards solving these issues, it’s necessary to study the impact of each of this issue on the organization and the group in specific. The issues are discussed as follows- Role conflicts within groups This kind of conflict occurs between groups when the members feel uncertain about the role to be played by them. The group members might get a feeling that they are in charge of more than one responsibility within the setting of the organization and that the roles might prove to be contrasting each other. If the probability of two or more roles is irreconcilable, role conflict becomes prominent (Losh, 2011). For instance, a superior at a manufacturing plant might feel tensed due to the role played by him or her as the person poses to his juniors both as a friend and as a mentor at a time. Role conflict can occur due to non-availability of proper socialization facilities inside the organization.

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