Write 8 page essay on the topic America Civil Aviation Authority.Download file to see previous pages… The authority is housed within the America Airports Authority (AAA) head office. It is around 18

Write 8 page essay on the topic America Civil Aviation Authority.

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The authority is housed within the America Airports Authority (AAA) head office. It is around 18km from the city centre and about 20-25 minutes ride depending on the traffic. The authority’s broad key functions are to regulate the aviation industry in America, to provide air navigational services within America’s Flight Information Region (FIR) and to offer training for aviation personnel. The company provides an air transport reimbursement facility to those employees who incur expenditures in flight ticketing, which means that the expenditure incurred by employees in air ticketing is compensated by the company. The process described above has been automated by a system and some IT infrastructural resources and assets that depend on IT for a complete transaction or operation. The average users of the system include the staff, the IT administrators and the finance employees. The staff members require the following IT requirements: a computer networked with the organization’s server in the server room. The computer should be able to remotely connect to the server in the server room in order to access the system remotely. The server is able to identify the users with specific IP addresses. The server then filters the addresses and initiates an access control procedure. Access to the system is controlled on the basis of the users’ IP addresses. Once the server identifies the IP address, it displays the appropriate interface to the user. The IT administrators are the technical users of the system. They handle all processing of applications by other staff members. They also ensure that the system is available to all users 24 hours a day 7 days in a week. The finance staff members, on the other hand, only verify the identification of the employees who are to be compensated. The reporting structure of the organization and the senior IT group are as shown below: ACAA Infrastructure The following diagram shows the organizational structure of the America Civil Aviation Authority starting from the chief information officer (CIO) to the other departments within the organization. It is one of my duties as the CIO of ACAA to protect all the information regarding ACAA as an organization as well as an enterprise. All the ACAA IT functions are overseen by me. In addition, I also ensure ACAA data integrity is protected. Given that ACAA treats IT as an organizational asset, it is my duty therefore, to make sure that IT is perfectly aligned with the ACAA business goals. Such duties as the establishment of technical service centers, data centers, scheduling production, communication networks, the development of computer programs and employee training are tasked to me. I am privileged with the ability to make and take strategic decisions regarding IT given the availability of large amount of information associated with my position. I, however, work closely with the executive management, CEO, stakeholders and Board of Directors in the decision making process. It is my duty to ensure that complete and accurate data are obtained by both the ACAA internal and external customers in a timely manner. This is achieved through research and implementation of the latest developments, technologies and trends. I make sure my IT staff is innovative in order to be able to convert the organization’s opportunities to its strength.&nbsp.

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