Write 8 page essay on the topic Research Problem Statement.Download file to see previous pages… Dennis &amp. Meola (2009) give an example of UK firms, which lose approximately 19 million dollars dai

Write 8 page essay on the topic Research Problem Statement.

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Dennis &amp. Meola (2009) give an example of UK firms, which lose approximately 19 million dollars daily due to bad management. This is moderately attributable to the firm’s wastage of time due to their leader’s inefficiency. It is evident that the significant bits of organization include its management to great extents. For a business to address the needs of its employees, leaders, and consumers, it needs proper management. Therefore, it becomes extremely problematic for organizations to realize acceptable profits when they have such poor management. Most entities fail because their managers focus on increasing their sales and quality of their goods. Indeed such categories of headship do not care about the general organization of their institutions, hence increasing management problems. This makes them forget their roles in control and organizing, as well as the workers’ roles. The goals of many businesses entail increasing the outputs and lowering the expenses. A balance of these two ideas of increment in output and expense reduction obviously qualifies for perfect management. Conversely, these are short-term benefits because the businesses success depends on the long-term benefits, which entail motivating the personnel, but most administrators ignore this. The motivation of employees helps in the creation of a functional business environment (Dennis &amp. Meola, 2009). Evidently, this functional business is devoid of poor management and all the negativities associated with such leadership. The sub problems evident from the question above include Poor leadership Poor communication Poor organizational structure Organizational culture Decision-making Policies Possible Sub-problems Poor Leadership Hypothesis Leaders with good leadership skills will motivate the employees. If organizational leaders involve the workers in the management of the business, the business will perform highly Brief Description Effective management entails good leadership and proper communication. Poor leadership tendencies are the most noticeable management problems in businesses. According to Dennis &amp. Meola (2009), some leaders in organizations are incompetent making organizations fail to realizing their goals because of their inability to foresee the business challenges (Dennis &amp. Meola, 2009). Additionally, they fail to challenge the employees making the workers perform poorly. Poor leaders are usually inexperienced and cannot handle conflicts in an organization. As such, the inability to control conflicts by the leaders in a firm is a sign of poor management. In Poor Decision Making Hypothesis Proper decision making in an organization will increase the corporate efficiency Brief Description Another sub-problem, which is common in the corporate institutions, is the phenomenon of decision-making. Evidently, decision-making affects the operation of organizations to exemplary levels. When there is poor management running any organization, it is obvious that the consequent decisions will be inappropriate. An organization only achieves its goals and other ultimatums if the management makes proper decisions. It then becomes a chief problem when these decisions present challenges to the behavior of the human resources. Certain decisions, which the management of the organization makes, affect the organization because of the mentioned relationship.

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