Write a 10 page essay on Ehavioral and Cognitive Effects of Ayahuasca.Download file to see previous pages… Ayahuasca is a common term to religions such as the Santo Daime that have adherents in Braz

Write a 10 page essay on Ehavioral and Cognitive Effects of Ayahuasca.

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Ayahuasca is a common term to religions such as the Santo Daime that have adherents in Brazil, Europe, and the United States of America. The ayahuasca is a beverage associated with spiritual strength, taken by all the adherents of the Santo Daime religion. An interpretation of ayahuasca denotes the essence of a ‘vine of the soul’. This religion holds onto the customary preparation of the beverage from Banisteriopsis caapi vine as a beta-carboline rich plant and the Psychotria viridis that is highly hallucinogenic. The leaves and bark of the vine tree are important constituents of the brew that causes a unique spiritual awakening and rebirth. The Santo Daime relies on the ayahuasca as a drink that leads them to the right tracks spiritually. The religion has its roots in Brazil after its foundation by Raimundo Serra. The use of ayahuasca as a central part of religion has drawn concerns from, different scientists. The cause of concern is the revelation that the beverage adored by the Santo Daime has di-methyltryptamine (DMT), a pharmacological ingredient that has psychedelic properties. Psychologists have ventured into the analysis of the pharmacological effects of the drug following the proven psychoactive characteristics of related substances. This paper will present a literature review on the effects of DMT. Psychopharmacology of DMT as the Active Ingredient in Ayahuasca N, N- dimethyltryptamine underwent analysis and identified as hallucinogenic in 1956 (Pellerin &amp. Seefelt, 1998). Its presence in several genera in the plant kingdom is evident. Some experts argue that the substance proves inactive even after consumption of high doses ranging above 1000mg. However, intramuscular doses of DMT prove to cause activity that surpasses the threshold level in does of 30 mg. In higher doses, the substance presents an increased level of psychedelic properties. Experimental pharmacological studies reveal that DMT has unique features. These features include the speed at which the psychoactive effects begin. After five minutes of administration of the dose, there is an increase in heartbeat, dilation of pupils, and increased blood pressure. According to pharmacologists, an intoxication results as a full manifestation of the effects of DMT. The substance causes neurological stimulations and physical changes. Scientists have ventured into studying the effects of the DMT in order to determine whether ayahuasca has any side effects on the Santo Daime adherents. The review of findings from different studies into the issue will elaborate on the pharmacological effects of DMT available in ayahuasca. Barbanoj et al (2007) sought to establish the potential effects of DMT in the body of men who had been using other psychedelic substances. These authors have prior knowledge that ayahuasca contained DMT and beta carboline alkaloids that possessed monoamine oxidase-inhibiting characteristics. These features accounted for the activity of orally ingested DMT. The authors had noted that DMT formed interactions with serotonergic neurotransmission and acted as an agonist of several receptors. An understanding of the role played by serotonin in the body was cause enough for the authors to establish the potential effect of DMT. Some men volunteered for the study had used hallucinogens previously.

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