Write a 10 page essay on Songs of Solomon (Bible).Download file to see previous pages… Other scholars views Song of Songs as Israel’s salvation as it has been picturesque in the Chapter 3 of the B

Write a 10 page essay on Songs of Solomon (Bible).

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Other scholars views Song of Songs as Israel’s salvation as it has been picturesque in the Chapter 3 of the Bible. It is not foreign in Hebrew literature to represent Yahweh as a lover and the Shulammite girl as Israel. Throughout the Old Testament, the relationship of God and Israel has been compared to lovers, in the book of Hosea 2:19-20, God has told Israel that He would take her as wife likewise in Isaiah 62:4-5 that almost same message would want to be delivered. This paper , however will not focus on the allegorical interpretation of the Song of Songs, as scholars of the contemporary times have presented it from its literal interpretation which reflects the stages or the development of human love. Such interpretation has more value to our current generation which seemingly has thread way from the Christian value of loving and faithful relationship. The Position of Song of Songs in the Bible King Solomon is known for his wisdom which brought him fame and fortune. It made him attractive to women. It was presented in I Kings Chapter verse 11:3 that he had 700 wives and 300 concubines. In 1King Chapter 3:4-10, Solomon asked Yahweh for wisdom so he could identify right from wrong. Yahweh was very pleased that for Solomon did not asked for wealth, long life nor death for his enemies but rather asked for wisdom. And thus, Yahweh gave him wisdom and even the things that he did not wish for. However, he had sinned against Yahweh brought by his womanizing. King Solomon defied Yahweh, to the extent of worshipping other gods and idols. At the end, there was no account that King Solomon ever repented from his sins and submitted himself again to Yahweh in the book of Kings. It somehow reflects that Solomon was corrupted by his fame and glory. Thus Ecclesiastes reflects his emptiness and questioning the worthiness of life. Song of Songs which is an account of faithfulness, lasting commitment and fidelity in a relationship was placed after Ecclesiastes to show that hope and love have triumphed over sin and emptiness. Interpreting the Song of Songs The first chapter of the book reveals that its author is King Solomon, the son of King David to Bathsheba. The succeeding verses and chapters illustrate the courtship, engagement, wedding and the enduring love that evolve between King Solomon and the Shulammite girl. Chapters 1:2— Chapter 3:5 beautifully narrates the courtship of King Solomon and the Shulammite girl. Though, the Shulammite woman felt insecure because of her darkened skin brought by her taking care of their vineyard. It is significant to note that in this period of their relationship, the Shulammite woman has been very vocal and was the first to express his longing for Solomon. On the other hand, Solomon expressed his deep admiration for her, as he likened her to Pharaoh’s chariot and to a flower Sharon. The following verses convey the blossoming of flower and the passage of winter, which can be likened to the feeling of bliss that young couples feel on the early stages of a relationship. At the same time, the first few verses of Chapter 3 where the Shulammite woman dreamt of losing Solomon clearly reflects the fear of losing one’s relationship and her search for him reflects her desire in having a relationship for keeps . It should also be noted that the opening verses of chapter 1 is related to the concluding verses of Chapter 8.

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