Write a 3 page essay on Globalization Issue.Download file to see previous pages… He argues that the pace of global competiveness and closeness is swift. The book portrays a scenario where untimely f

Write a 3 page essay on Globalization Issue.

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He argues that the pace of global competiveness and closeness is swift. The book portrays a scenario where untimely flattening of the opponents of globalization is inevitable. William (2009:340-344) shares his sentiments in his book ’The contemporary world History’. He feels that the forces of fragmentation are too strong to allow globalization to gain a stable footing. Critical analysis of the thoughts of the two writers tempts an individual to take a position. Although William presents steep challenges to globalization, the basis of his arguments and speculation are on uncertainties. The past global trends have shown that, globalization has received a positive attention all over the world. Although some nations may not appear in public to support globalization, researches have shown that it remain a hot subject in their boardroom meetings. This shows that globalization is live and soon the world will be a global village. Thomas explicitly lays out the benefits of globalization. However, he does not overlook the possible challenges that globalization might be faced with. This makes Thomas’s convictions correct, more sensible, and real in the current world. The Dell Theory of Conflict Prevention which Thomas subscribes to affirms that there cannot be disagreement between countries, which share a common interest. He emphasizes that globalization is the sole solution of the most conflicts in the world. In essence, Thomas signifies that the nations that embrace globalization have reaped benefits and not enmity. Globalization is the only safe platform to enrich cultural, economic, technological, and political ties while appreciating diversity. Thomas points out that there are still impediments to globalization. He argues that overcoming anti-global forces must be at the heart of its proponents. Freidman (580-604) highlights some of the issues which include poor education systems, weak economic powers, diseases and bad infrastructure. Compromised education system negatively affects globalization. This is evident in the third world countries where only the privileged in the society acquire quality education and skills. This creates inequality and widens the gap between the haves and the have-nots. It incapacitates societies and they do not harness the positives of globalization. Diseases continue to affect the developing countries. Poor health systems and bad policies pose many challenges to the efforts of different countries. The prominent diseases include malaria, HIV AIDS, Tuberculosis, and polio. These ailments slow down growth at community levels. It constrains their financial powers. Weak purchasing power adversely impinges the entire economic power of individual nation. Thomas acknowledges that infrastructure is critical for countries to realize globalization. Miserable transport and primitive communication system strains the efforts of different regions to globalize. Basic services and goods fail to reach their target destination in good time. This discourages both domestic and foreign investors in any given country. Globalization promises to streamline this sector through sharing of ideas and competent human resources among member countries. This will lead to increase of trade links to an extent far greater than ever before. Moreover, there will be strengthening of the worst performing economies to achieve development.

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