Write a 3 page essay on The essence of history.Download file to see previous pages… Although others have criticized historians for basing their work on hearsay, in a society that expects the purpose

Write a 3 page essay on The essence of history.

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Although others have criticized historians for basing their work on hearsay, in a society that expects the purposes of education to serve the general public, the aims and objectives of history can seem a bit cumbersome to define compared to other disciplines such as medicine and psychology. The subject is therefore very useful, although the historical study products are not tangible and in effect not very immediate as opposed to others such as medicine. Significance of History History is known to offer rich source of information in regard to how individuals and the society in general behave. It is very challenging to understand how people and societies operate, though numerous disciplines attempts to do so. Any efforts in knowing what transpires in the society can be hampered by relying only on current data. For instance, it is not easy to evaluate war if a nation is enjoying relative calm and peace. In order to do so, the only way possible is through digging deep into historical data. It is not possible to understand our geniuses such as Aristotle, the development and impact of technology as well as the role played by beliefs in determining the course of societal life (Evans, 23), Man therefore must make use of the past experiences to fully understand his environment. As evident, both social and physical scientists have tried to come up with theories to explain the behavior of human persons, but as matters stand, even the recourses needed for such studies largely depend on historical information, except for a few cases where artificial cases involving experiments can be instituted to determine the action of individuals. The main aspects of the operations in the society, namely military incursions, activities of missionaries and others cannot be instituted as laboratory experiments. However history, though riddled with imperfection must serve as the critical laboratory, thus information from the past forms the basis of the significant evidence in the quest to explain the many concepts. This is one of the fundamental reasons why man cannot assume the role of history as it provides the most extensive evidential parameter for the analysis and contemplation of functioning of the society. The position of history in the society cannot be underemphasized follows on the already stated significance. It is in order to note that the past determines the present and as well the future. For example, in pursuit of knowledge to get equipped with what happened a century ago, what matters first is to carefully look for what prevailed during the period. At times recent historical developments may come to the fore to offer explanations in relation to some remarkable developments, but above all, it is important to look further in the historical aspects to comprehensively identify what really transpired. It is only through historical studies that man can have substantial knowledge of the changing world, thus the full understanding of societal elements. The significance of history in understanding and explaining the occurrence of change in relation to human behavior cannot be underestimated. For example, alcoholism as a human phenomenon has been a subject of discussion and research. Biological experiments have attempted to identify specific genes that are believed to cause an inclination toward addiction to alcohol in some people.

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