Write a 4 page essay on Critical Summary Of Jonathan Lethem’s The Disappointment Artist.Download file to see previous pages… Lethem’s father was an artist and was also involved in politics. In a c

Write a 4 page essay on Critical Summary Of Jonathan Lethem’s The Disappointment Artist.

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Lethem’s father was an artist and was also involved in politics. In a chapter called “lives of the bohemians” he was now a grown up and discussed on the rough path he experienced as a child. He was rebellious, and he did not take notice any advice given by his parents (Lethem 6). He explains that his obsession to movies and films were forced by his father’s behavior and the early death of his mother. He developed a sense of solitude after the death of his mother, and he was not close to his father. His father was always busy and had no spare time to bond with his son. “Speak, Hoyt-Schermerhorn” is the most memorable thing to Lethem as a child. In the essay, he explains the subway of his high school period. Hoyt-Schermorhorn was Lethem frequent station which was located in a rough neighborhood (Lethem 8). He feared walking in the station alone as a young boy claiming that he would be an easy prey. He was intrigued by the exciting city around him. His interests crash when an abandoned platform in his station is selected as the place for dystopian New York movie, “the warriors” (Lethem 10). Three movie collections mentioned in the essays: “defending the searchers, (Lethem 13), 1977 (Lethem 21) and the two or three things I Dunno about cassavetes” (Lethem 26). Films on the other hand, are mentioned in every essay of the book. “The searches” was an old john Wayne movie, it was ancient and discomfited (Lethem 31). However, Lethem fascinated by the imagery present in the film. the acting capability of John Wayne is acting power and the remnants in thrall to it. The film fascinates Lethem and advocates defending it, he was not even deterred by the resentment presented by hostile audience. He spoke even to the people he knew would not comprehend the movie and his enthusiasm to speak. In the summer, of 1977, when the original star wars released Lethem was 13 years of age, and he admitted that he watched the movie 21 times. This is not as weird as it seems, because the majority of boys his age watched star wars many times when it was first launched. The essay is not really based on star wars: rather the essay is based on obsession, and how one can use it as a hiding point (Lethem 45). Lethem was affected by his mother’s illness the pain and suffering that his mother was going through was traumatizing. In addition, his father was never present, and he was not there when Lethem needed comfort and love. The movies made the problems disappear even though it was temporary. He therefore, loved the movies even though it meant repeating the movie 21 times. “The disappointment artist” also involves the theme of writing and kindness. This Lethem presents by describing his aunt Wilma Leo as a children’s author. The essay is based with issue the aunt experiences with her writing instructor Edgar Dahlberg. Dahlberg as described by Lethem was disapproving, persistently discouraging and mean. He is mean and inconsiderate to other writers including students. Dahlberg mean personally resulted to most of his works being forgotten by the present generation. Lethem describes Dahlberg behavior in detail and compares it his aunt’s attitude of being more positive and kind (Lethem 56). In chapter 6 of the book, entitled “you don’t know Dick” Lethem puts forward his other teenage obsession. He loved the books written by Philip K Dick he was fifteen when he first read the book and his obsession forced him to read the book twice.

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