Write a 4 page essay on W.E.B. Du Bois and his Fiction Works.Download file to see previous pages… His mother belonged to ancestors who had owned land in their homeland for the longest time possible.

Write a 4 page essay on W.E.B. Du Bois and his Fiction Works.

Download file to see previous pages…

His mother belonged to ancestors who had owned land in their homeland for the longest time possible. Her extended family members came from mixed races, with some of them tracing their roots back to the African Continent. His father was an irresponsible young man who had come visiting in their area. Alfred Du Bois ran off as soon as William was born. However, this bad start in life did not deter the newly born from living a fulfilling life. William was bred as a New Englander and had a vibrant community to explore from. His neighbors from the European heritage were good to him even as he schooled in the local schools, while attending the Congregational Church. He was a brilliant student who excelled in his studies and encouraged by his teachers to achieve even more. However, he was orphaned at an early age when his mother succumbed to a stroke and died. He continued with his education nonetheless. When he felt the need to go to college, his church was very supportive and contributed towards the venture. He left his hometown to attend school in Nashville, Tennessee. It was here that he first experienced racial discrimination in the South. This discrimination was in the form of Jim Crow’s influence in the community and his fateful murder by the white community. There was limited interaction between the whites and blacks as each race had their own facilities different and in much lower standards to the opposite race. He was appalled by the living conditions here and something in him was stirred. Later, he attended Harvard University for his bachelor’s degrees with the aid of scholarships, inheritance and help from friends in his home community. He was an outstanding scholar who was awarded numerous scholarships that saw him travel widely. In his quest for education, he was involved in the publication of numerous papers that were based on social changes for the African community. He accepted various teaching jobs in influential institutions, which gave him a platform in his writing. He attended various conferences where he met many other influential writers. One such example was Booker T. Washington, who was very controversial in the beliefs of his counterpart. Born in the South to a white father and black mother, Booker was not always interested in the affairs of the Blacks in his community. He was a figure to reckon with, since as a director of a prestigious college, he called the shots on various issues affecting his people. It was for this reason that he formed an agreement with the whites of the South concerning the rights and privileges of the Blacks in his own hometown. This was an agreement made in Atlanta that allowed limited empowerment of a Black person compared to the Whites. William was strongly opposed to the move together with other African Americans and they held activist demonstrations against the doctrine. However, the murder of Sam Hose led Du Bois to even go a notch higher in acting on the vices against society. These two leaders, Washington and William were complete opposites of each other. Washington was for the idea that Blacks should compromise against the whites, while Du Bois believed in the equal opportunities for all members of community irrespective of race and background. He wrote the ‘Souls of Black Folk’ in his attempt to propagate for the rights of the African Americans. He talks of the social segregation in the community that has degraded the latter as the minority race with a ‘veil’ or line being drawn against them.

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