Write a 5 page essay on Comparative analysis of two texts(can be films, short stories, poems) you are free to choose both texts but they should be conne.Download file to see previous pages… Differen

Write a 5 page essay on Comparative analysis of two texts(can be films, short stories, poems) you are free to choose both texts but they should be conne.

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Different audiences interpret different arts differently provided they can draw a connection between their hypothesis and the actual works of art. Among the most conspicuously addressed themes in any work of art is normally the psycogeography. The theme includes the geographical representation of the setting drawing great prominence on the visible geographical aspects of the setting of the work of art. Events happen in places, to give an effective understanding of the places, writers must always provide an effective description of the places in which they choose to set their works. The geographical factors of a place help the audience conceptualize the possibilities that the writer later claims in his or her works. Additionally, the factors help create a sense of recognition among some audiences with knowledge of the places while it heightens the imagination of those unaware of the places an important feature that helps develop suspense thereby draws either readership or viewership to the different works of literature. The films Coming to America produced in 1988 and the Saturday Night Fever produced in 1977 are two theatrical masterpieces that employ the use of different literary stylistic devices to ensure success. the films use such elements of literature to depict several similar themes. However, owing the different story lines, the films depict their respective themes differently thereby portraying the both the difference in their film genres and their audience specifications. Set in different times, the films address different societal issues but in the same setting. The two films are set in different parts of the New York City. While Coming to America bases its storyline on the life in the expansive Queens region, Saturday Night Fever is set in Brooklyn. His two films address the different themes differently, key among the themes, which are in both films are psychogeography, living cities, and urban landscapes. Owing to the different messages in the films, the writers address the themes differently thereby achieving relative successes in developing their work. Coming to America begins in an imaginary setting, a Kingdom in an underdeveloped African country. The setting in the Kingdom is expansive with flawless natural beauty. The gardens are rife with vegetation creating a clean and ever fresh environment in which wild animals interact freely with humans and other domestic animals. The young prince Akeem has lived in the kingdom all his life and is now of age and ready to marry. His father, the king, presents him with virgins from which he is to pick a bride. He however refuses and decides to find a wife for himself. The writer fuses the desires of the young Akeem with the American society so seamlessly by claiming that the young prince later decides to come to America to find himself a wife. He settles in the sprawling Queens Township from where the contrast in the two settings depicts itself naturally. The African Kingdom is underdeveloped and the population of the people is relative thereby making it conducive for habitation. The obvious lack of infrastructure in the region portray a technological gap that the prince fills up once in America. Life in the African Kingdom is simple and people eat fresh vegetables and fruits readily available in the evergreen gardens.

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