Write a 6 page essay on Current issue of media.Download file to see previous pages… Traditional media is further divided into two: electronic and print media, where electronic media refers to televi

Write a 6 page essay on Current issue of media.

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Traditional media is further divided into two: electronic and print media, where electronic media refers to television and radio and print refers to all print media like newspapers and magazines. Digital Media or New media includes the internet, cellphones and other mobile devices. Like every invention, the media too has its pros and cons. These give birth to our topic of discussion i.e. current issues in the media and their solutions. Since traditional media allows controlled communication of information, it serves as a source of promoting tradition and culture. The reason why traditional media holds such importance is because it targets to the masses. The positive aspect of this media is by far greater than that of new media, but, being a mass media it can play a significant role in shaping the minds of the people. Societal aggravations are greatly heated up with the wrong portrayal through the mass media. Thus, it can be said that this is the biggest flaw in the traditional media is the uncontrolled flow of information. This information needs to be monitored carefully as this kind of media ensures wide-spread coverage of the content. On a societal scale, the inappropriateness of the content is one issue that has been highlighted for decades now (Garry 215). The nature of programs, even cartoons for that matter, is deemed unhealthy owing to explicit subliminal messages and violent actions shown in them. However, this comes with a simple solution like selected viewership options, child-locks etc. Newspapers are by far the safest media as far as keeping the societal harmony and values intact is concerned. The content is highly filtered and relatively less aggravating as the other mediums. That being said, Advertising has seen a positive trend in the recent years. With the clutter of hundreds and thousands of brands, each trying to get their share in the market, there is an increase in the marketing clutter on the traditional mass media. Whether these brands indulge in ethical advertising is another debate altogether, but the media should be responsible to ensure that at least misleading product ads and infomercials are not given airtime, as it demonstrates false information which is against the ethics of a media aimed at targeting the masses. With the advent of technology, the birth of the internet, mobile devices etc. have brought about a change in the popularity of the mass traditional media. The importance and ‘mass coverage’ element is still intact, though there is a rapid shift of the people towards other media like e-papers, e-news, websites, social networking sites, blogs etc. Where these media stand for technological advancement, modernity and mobility, there are several issues attached to them as well. The basic change in media has been because of the introduction of two mediums, namely, the internet and the cellphones. The internet has brought about a positive change in the world through its endless benefits, some of which are absolute connectivity, availability of information on almost every topic in the world, Job search and hiring, interactive Marketing Avenue for companies, readily available product review, online education opportunities, and video conferencing programs like Skype etc. But, like mentioned earlier, everything comes with its pros and cons, so does this highly beneficial media.

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