Write a 8 page essay on Qualitative vs. Quantitative.Download file to see previous pages… Quantitative research can be defined as a method of systematic experimental inquiry of social phenomena with

Write a 8 page essay on Qualitative vs. Quantitative.

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Quantitative research can be defined as a method of systematic experimental inquiry of social phenomena with statistical, mathematical or other graphical techniques. Furthermore, the prime objective of quantitative research is to generate and to utilize mathematical models, hypothesis and theories among others to appropriately derive accurate findings related to any phenomenon (Sukamolson, 2005). The paper intends to discuss and to differentiate between qualitative and quantitative research. The differences of the research methods will be recognized through the types of questions and methods used in these research methods. A review of pertinent literatures will be conducted to comprehend the prevailing distinctiveness between the two research methods. Furthermore, the paper also includes analysis of the differences between qualitative and quantitative research methods in terms of certain factors such as selection procedure of samples, data collection methods and data management along with data analysis as well as instrument and purpose. The aspect of requirement of any kind of training of the researcher to properly execute the assessment process through quantitative and qualitative research has also been highlighted. The paper takes into consideration the aspect that how these two research methods are used in nursing. Types of Questions Question is a form of query statement which helps to elicit certain reply from the respondent. In relation to the aspect, it can be recognized that question is used by every person in their livelihood for expanding knowledge or to help others to expand their understanding (Skow, 2010). With reference to the context of qualitative and quantitative research, researchers generally prefer to use certain forms of questions in order to collect information for their research. Moreover, the questions in qualitative research are often based upon the present scenarios or trends. Generally, the questions of qualitative research are identified when they emphasize more on individual’s perception and thought. Similarly, those questions which help to gather in-depth knowledge upon certain problems are also considered under qualitative research questions. Additionally, the questions of qualitative research are formulated with the help of why and how statements (Creswell, 2008). Examples of qualitative research questions can be: why the circumstances occurred? And how did this happen? Quantitative research questions are those questions which are based upon present and future aspects. The quantitative research question is identified by its nature because it prevails the upcoming facts or consequences of the undertaken problem which means it essentially comprises predictive type of questions. Moreover, the questions of this research are those questions which reveal the relationships and comparatives (Nenty, 2009). Examples of quantitative research questions can be: Do you agree to the fact? Which aspect you like? Types of Methodology Methods in research can be stated as the systematic process of collecting and analyzing the data along with interacting with the respondents.

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