Write about the advantage and disadvantage of CATI system (computer assisted telephonic interview)

• People can usually be contacted faster over the telephone than with other research methods. If the Interviewers are using CATI (computer-assisted telephone interviewing), the results can be available minutes after completing the last interview.
• A true representative sample can be obtained by dialing random digit telephone numbers within a sampling frame.
• Our interviews CATI software makes complex questionnaires practical by offering many logic options. It can automatically skip questions, perform calculations and modify questions based on the answers to earlier questions. It can check the logical consistency of answers and can present questions or answers choices in a random order (the last two are sometimes important for reasons described later).
• Our skilled interviewers can often elicit longer or more complete answers than people will give on their own to mail or email surveys (though some people will give longer answers to Web page surveys).
• Interviewers can also ask for clarification of unclear responses.
• Large scale accessibility in many countries.
• Ensure quality control.
• All interviews are recorded.
• Lack of visual materials.
• Limited open ended questions.
• Time consuming when you don’t have the contact details of your target sample size (we had to call 286 in order to get 140).

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